Plan a Prosperous, Healthy and Meaningful Future

$110.00 {+GST}

Order the Retirement Planning manual $10 (all proceeds to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS), then ask for coaching  sessions.  Two private coaching sessions with Judith McLean are included in your $100 fee with 71% of all fees going to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS).

I have extensive experience in community development and training. Along with two masters degrees, I have decades of experience as a researcher, change catalyst and facilitator for both corporate and non-profit audiences. I have led community development projects in the areas of literacy, essential skills, self-esteem, community resilience and multiculturalism. An expert in transitions, I trained community workers and business leaders to sustain organizational change.

As a Career Coach for over 20 years, I developed jobs; coached senior executive, front line managers and workers in transition how to:  analyse emerging labour markets; navigate through personal and professional barriers to optimize their careers; negotiate fairer compensation packages; apply social media to market their transferable skills.   I still train college students part time in Skills for Success and Transition to Employment.


If you love to learn and want company, I look forward to joining you.


As a volunteer for UBC alumni, (you can see me in the middle of this photo) I was able to be part of convocation in 2019, wishing all new graduates congratulations and much success.


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