Career Coaching


  1. we can help with an attitude adjustment

    Try to find out your life purpose and suggest careers which are aligned with this. The closer your job is to your purpose, the happier and more satisfied you will feel. 1-2 hours

  2. Help you recognize what jobs you are suited for based on your talents, personality and ambition. These can be detected through general discussion, testing and probing questions. 2 hours
  3. Assist you to clarify your long term career goals and creating a roadmap to achieve them. This is a long process and can take a few sessions. 2-3 hours
  4. Structure your job search, help with your application documents as well as coach you through job interviews. 2 hours for first part 1 hour per job theme

Possible Costs

7 to 10 hours @ $75/hour + GST


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